Enspyr, LLC is the founder and sponsor of the “Inspire and Be Inspired” movement, events and contest.  In collaboration with its Star Partners, Enspyr plans to reach a variety of individuals creating a border-less movement throughout our society, bringing the world together, and interconnecting us, one person at a time.

The initial idea stemmed from the high rate of suicide among current and former military personnel. Enspyr is founded on the principle of inspiring others and consists of more than 50% military retirees or those with a history of military service.  Upon talking with my team, I realized that each individual knew of someone who had committed suicide – some within the military and some not.

The discussion progressed from someone that they knew to the disbelief of Robin Williams’ suicide and the appearance of what we all thought was HAPPY to not always knowing the real reason for suicide.  I believe his suicide brought additional awareness to the world due to his popularity and his appearance in some of my favorite films Ms. Doubtfire, the Birdcage, and Aladdin.  This movement isn’t just about suicides as much as it is about reaching out and inspiring others who need it for whatever the reason might be.

Each of us has a moral responsibility to lift up others….to inspire them to feel better about themselves.  I encourage others to join with me, Team Enspyr and our star partners in what we hope is a new and sustaining movement.  Inspire Week is simply the beginning – to spread positive thoughts and actions and to change the world one person at a time.

Team Enspyr suggested we take this to the next level by focusing not just on those contemplating suicide but by also focusing on those who are most vulnerable  – the lonely, hungry, elderly, children, chronically ill, orphans, and everyone in between; even someone temporarily having a bad day.

The Enspyr team wants to reach individuals with our message of hope and inspire them to carry it forward one person at a time. We believe the “six degrees of separation” theory will hold true and assist us in our goal of reaching 50,000 persons by end of 2016. I believe that we, as positive thinking individuals, and part of positive-thinking organizations have a responsibility to spread inspiration and happiness wherever it is needed.

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